Pricing Questions


How can I save money on your services?

  1. Check our promo’s or special offers, click here!
  2. If you think we may need more than just one hour to do your vehicle, you can cut down on time by emptying your possessions from your vehicle. This way we can focus on the ‘details’ more than simple garbage removal and tidying.
  3. Book a ‘detailed’ cleaning instead of a ‘spotless cleaning. The detailed cleaning is more than enough detail for most people! Consider ‘spotless’ if you want your vehicle to look as new as it possibly can.

How does your timekeeping and pricing work for the hourly rate?

We give you an estimate based on average times it has taken us to do a vehicle of similar size/seating capacity, in combination with your described level of dirtiness. It is crucial that you describe your level of dirtiness, to the best of your ability, to make sure we estimate appropriately. This time estimate can fluctuate a bit, but we do our best to exceed your expectations in any situation! When intensive care is required, or extra time needs to be spent to achieve the desired result (detailed/spotless) on an area of the vehicle, we will offer you the optional added cost before we do the work!

When we arrive, we start the timer only once our equipment and materials have been prepped, and we are ready to work. We will never bill you for time we spend; taking pictures, dealing with any kind of equipment malfunction, talking to a neighbour, etc. We use commutes between job sites as our breaks, so there is typically no need for us to stop work once we begin.

If it takes a bit longer than an hour, do I pay for a whole second hour?

No. We add time in 15 minute increments.

What is the minimum purchase?

Our minimum purchase is $67.50. Any vehicles that require less than that will be cleaned in more detail, to bring total to $67.50. We will make you aware of this before we confirm your booking!