Interior Pricing

Use the chart below for an estimate, or call us at 403-201-1399.

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GST included in the price shown above.

10% off for all return customers.

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What’s ‘Intensive Treatment?’

Intensive treatment is the requirement of concentrated effort on an area, to obtain the desired result (detailed/spotless). Examples of intensive treatment areas; deep stains, excessive food remains, mold, sand, ash, sticky spots, odours, pet hair, puke, animal excrement, and excessive removal of garbage and belongings.

What’s automatically included in a ‘Detailed’ cleaning?

  • Carpet shampooing and fabric seat shampooing,
  • Carpet steam cleaning and fabric seat steam cleaning,
  • Hot-water extraction of carpet and fabric seats,
  • Deep vacuuming of everything,
  • Surface stain removal and deep stain reduction (deep stain removal at extra cost),
  • Foul odour reduction (full removal at extra cost),
  • Plastic floor mat washing/scrubbing,
  • Door jamb cleaning,
  • Surfaces, nooks, and crannies cleaned of dust and dirt/grime,
  • Everything leather, vinyl, and rubber is conditioned and sealed with protectant,
  • Vents cleaned,
  • Buttons, knobs, cup-holders, and gauges cleaned,
  • Leather seats wiped and conditioned,
  • Garbage removed,
  • Center console and glove-box (please remove belongings),
  • Windows (including sunroof) and mirrors, cleaned from the inside.

Anything else you need? Just let us know!

What’s automatically included in a ‘Spotless’ cleaning?

Everything that is included in a detailed cleaning, to a much more meticulous level of detail. More steam-cleaning, more shampooing, more hot-water extraction, more time spent looking for any imperfections.

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