Our Story

Mobile Detailing YYC was formed by a talented detailer from a mismanaged shop, a Mount Royal University business student, and a passionate ‘car guy’ electrician. The team has since recruited other talented detailers from Calgary.

They recognized that a much needed–detailed–cleaning comes out of precious time, time that can be better spent on the things that matter the most to you! Fortunately, they enjoyed turning dirty vehicles into showroom-ready, revived, rides. Nothing beats the feeling of sitting in a fresh smelling and spotless vehicle… Except for the shine of the exterior!

Our Environmental Mission

The truth is that the water we use to wash our vehicles is a developed world privilege, and it is our shared responsibility to not waste water, or damage the waterways that Canada is fortunate to have.  Mobile Detailing YYC is committed to using only environmentally friendly exterior products, and minimizing any use of water throughout your detailing!