Can I use your services if I don’t own a home OR have a driveway?

Yes, absolutely! We can work on any residential street without blocking traffic. Parking lots are perfectly fine too–as long as the property owner gives you permission.

For questions pertaining to;

Weather dependent?

We have no problem cleaning/detailing in light rain, however, if we are doing the outside of your vehicle this will not allow the wax to dry on your paint for an ideal exterior cleaning. Snow and harsher weather conditions (heavy rain, hail, very windy with rain, etc.) will not allow us to do a proper quality job on either interior or exterior, unless you have a garage we can work inside.

We will always call/email you as soon as we see that the forecast is not looking good!

We do have access to a garage in Martindale, NE, Calgary, for drop-off detailing in poor weather conditions!

Where is the Martindale location?

We have kept this address private to avoid unexpected drop-ins. It will be provided to you once your booking is confirmed by email!

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